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        2. Lu'An Jietonda New Material Co.,Ltd.


          R & D Center

          Scientific and technological innovation is the core competitiveness of Jietonda development. Since the company was founded, it has attached great importance to scientific and technological innovation and R & D investment. In recent years, the company has actively built a scientific research platform, recruit talented engineers, and established a RD team of Phds, masters, senior engineers, etc. A research and development team composed of professional and technical personnel has established an industry-leading research and development center, including
          Analytical Testing Laboratory
          Materials Synthesis Laboratory
          Pilot Synthesis Lab
          Application Development Lab

          The R & D center is equipped with advanced analysis and testing equipment:
          NETZSCH DSC
          Agilent GPC
          Brookfiled Viscometer
          OMC laser particle size meter
          QUV weathering
          Infrared spectrum
          Has applied for more than ten national invention patents, two high-tech products in Anhui Province, one Anhui famous brand, participated in the formulation of one national standard (GB / T27807-2011)

          Project Development

          Relying on independent innovation, the company has developed more than 50 high-performance powder coating auxiliary products, including matting agents, curing agents, catalysts, modified wax,charge additive,texture agent and so on. A number of products have broken through core technologies and possessed independent intellectual property rights. Now they have a number of core technologies such as specialty acrylic resins, low-temperature catalyst, and nano-fine modification, providing diversified solutions for powder coating customers

          Innovation system

          Jietonda attaches great importance to the construction of R & D team. The R & D staff includes 3 doctors, 5 masters, and 8 senior engineers. 70% of young and young backbones under the age of 35 account for 70%.
          While strengthening independent innovation, our company is also actively cooperating with scientific research institutions such as the University of Science and Technology of China, Hefei University of Technology, Anhui Normal University, Anhui Provincial Chemical Research Institute. Give full play to our own advantages, and actively participate in the industry-university-research cooperation, forming a perfect collaborative innovation system.

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          Add: 15 Li Dun, North Outskirts of Luan City, Anhui, P, R, China  P.C.:237158
          Tel: +86-564-3711165 , +86-564-3711777
          Fax: +86-564-3711167 E-mail: jietonda@jietondachem.com

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