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        2. Lu'An Jietonda New Material Co.,Ltd.



          Matting agent for mixed powder coatings

          Jietonda® SA2065K is a non-reactive matting agent based on synthetic resins. It is mainly used in indoor hybrid powder coatings and provides 5-70% (60 °) low gloss. Has good leveling, delicate surface and outstanding gloss stability after secondary extrusion.

          1. Typical properties


          White to light yellow powder
          Solid content (%)
          [GB 1725]

          Herein described to be typical properties and do not constitute specification limits.

          2. Characteristics
            ● Has excellent leveling and more delicate surface.
            ● The gloss is very stable after the second extrusion.
            ● Better matting effect at low dosage.
            ● Good yellowing resistance.
            ● The gloss of black and white formula is basically the same.
            ● Wide polyester adaptability.
            ● Excellent storage stability.

          3. Use method & levels
            ● Mix with other components in the formula in a high-speed mixer and then extrude through the extruder.
            ● The dosage is 1-4.5% of the total weight of the formula, depending on the required gloss.

          4. Package & Storage
            ● Packed in polyethylene lined kraft paper bags, each bag weighs 25 kg.
            ● Store in a cool and dry place to avoid moisture absorption. It should be closed immediately after use and away from fire sources.
            ● Based on our experience, this product is valid for at least two years at a storage temperature of ﹤ 32 ℃.

          5. Advisement
            ● Choose proper accelerator or catalyst to improve the impact resistance, but this will result in unexpected gloss up or worsen the surface leveling.

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