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        2. Lu'An Jietonda New Material Co.,Ltd.



          Matting agent for hybrid powder coatings

          Jietonda® K7232D is a resin based matting hardener with epoxy resin as the co-reactant. It is designed for polyester/epoxy mixed powder coating system to provide a minimum of 5% gloss, environmental protection, low smoke, good leveling, and good storage stability .

          1. Typical properties


          White to pale yellow powder


          Solid content(%)


          [GB 1725]


          Herein described to be typical properties and do not constitute specification limits.

          2. Characteristics
            ● Excellent matting effect, the lowest gloss can reach 5% (60°)  
            ● More stable and easy to adjust for gloss.
            ● Excellent leveling performance and surface fineness;
            ● Good storage and environmental protection because of low smoke.

          3. Use method & levels
            ● Premix K7232D with other components of the formula before extrusion.
            ● The use level is 1-5% by weight based on total formula, depends on the gloss required.
            ● K7232D reacts with epoxy resin, the ratio of K7232D/Epoxy is 1:1.5

          4. Package & Storage
            ● Packaging with PE lined Kraft paper bags. Net weight 25kg per bag.
            ● Store in temperature between 2-32℃ or cool dry place. Keep away from heat and fire.
            ● Based on our experience the shelf life of this product under above conditions is at least 2 years.

          5. Advisement

            ● Choose proper accelerator or catalyst to improve the impact resistance, but this will result in unexpected gloss up or worsen the suility to polyester resins.

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