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          Germany's Evonik to build a new coating additives experimental center in Turkey

          Time: 2019-11-14

          Evonik Germany, the world's leading manufacturer of special chemicals, has announced that it will establish a new coating additive experimental center in Tuzla, Istanbul.

          In a statement recently issued by the Group, as the vane of industry innovation, the center has a world-class equipment and technology, and has a dedicated customer service office to provide surface coatings to customers throughout Turkey and the Middle East. Technical support for business. In addition, the center is also equipped with a painting room and an artificial climate room.

          Center will use its world-class scientific research reserves to conduct research and testing on various water-based, solvent-based and radiation-curable coatings to meet all customer needs in coatings and mimeographing.

          Gaetano Blanda, President of Evonik's Coating Additives Division, spoke highly of the status of the experimental center: "The experimental center helps us provide customers in this region with more direct and efficient product and technical support, which accelerates the Group's The research and development process has further consolidated our position and foundation in the Middle East market. "

          The Experimental Center is composed of five employees and will create two new jobs in the area.

          LandBlanda also added: "The sales in Turkey and in the neighboring markets will be handled by the Evonik Tuzla branch in northern Istanbul, which has a total of 50 employees."

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